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Rights Of Whites?

Being a single, Christian, white male I have thought in the past, that I am in the majority. Little did I know that actually the reverse is true in that I am in the minority when it comes to rights. This finding has come to view within the past few months in the face of the Affirmative Action controversy. As I looked into this dilemma facing our country I have seen some alarming areas on how the Caucasian population is losing our rights. Minorities, I believe have many more “special privileges” than everyone else. Just within the Michigan University controversy, it is amazing how hard working whites our kept out of even the back door, while less qualified minorities are given red carpet treatment. In the Michigan fiasco, admission to the university is based upon a point system. Points are added to an applicants score based upon their qualifications, until their total hits 150 then they are automatically admitted. Residency plays an important role in any college application process. If you are a resident of that state it greatly decreases your tuition and living costs. In Michigan, residency is awarded 10 pts. The second highest point award, the rest of the awards do not go above 5pts each. Now as for the highest point award, 20 pts. which only can be received if you are a minority! The saying during the 60’s in the Deep South was, “You hate me because by skin is the wrong color, black”. Now the saying is “my skin is the wrong color, white”. Look also at scholarship awards, how many are there for white city dwellers, compared to minority awards? Am I saying that minorities are evil, and that the KKK should be reinstated to help contain them? NOT AT ALL!!! I just question how there can be two different standards for our world. One for whites, which by the way, is rarely if ever changed to protect equality, (who complains about whites getting jobs that other whites wanted because of their skin?) and another for minorities, who seem to get the bar lowered every time they run into a tiny molehill. Has any one thought that a minority didn’t get a job sheerly by the fact that they were just not as qualified as the white? Now I do think that Affirmative action has its place, but it is even falling away from its purpose, to create an equal environment among whites and minorities. As you can see the work place is hiring on skin color now then on qualifications. Also may I point out, how many times have you heard of a Mexican rally because unequal employment? Or Somalian? Or even Indian? It seems all the uproar is coming from one group of people. Call me a bigot or even racist if you want, but you know its true. I feel terrible for what happened in the pre-civil war era, but with all due respect, that was 200 years ago! Its over and done with, but this group is still claiming that they deserve special treatment. But what about the Jews? If there is a people group that deserves to complain it should be the Jews! The holocaust alone should be evidence enough that these people have room to complain. 3 million, which we know of, Jews, were slaughtered. 3 million! Last time I checked slavery didn’t have that type of numbers. Jews have been historically persecuted and are still persecuted to this very day! But where are the Jews? On the streets in protest marches? Involved in boycotts? The great American-Jewish sit in? For goodness sakes, the Jews don’t even have a U.S. recognized holiday! To those who complain…this is the United States of America, don’t like it? Go find how tolerant Russia, or North Korea is of you. I am not against the blacks. To use a tired saying, some of my close friends are black. I just expect you to work as hard as everybody else and you shouldn’t expect things handed to you on silver platter just because your skin is the right color.
Let me know what you think.
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